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adolpho veloso, a.b.c.

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featured work

“We Wanted to Be as Close to Jackson as We Possibly Could”: DP Adolpho Veloso on Jockey."

"The Southwestern light of those in-between hours, expressively captured by Adolpho Veloso's sensitive lensing, underscores the aching feeling of transition for its central characters." 

"Actual horse racing doesn’t feature too prominently in the action but when it does, the directors and cinematographer Adolpho Veloso have devised a confoundingly original way of shooting it, including an extraordinary sustained 90-second-plus climactic shot (similar to one that has come earlier) that defies immediate comprehension of how it was pulled off."

"Mosquito DP on recreating mental effects of malaria for Mozambique-set film. Adolpho Veloso spoke to Variety about the film." 

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