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gabriel fleming a.c.e.


Gabriel's diverse 20 year editing career spans independent art films, Hollywood action films, documentary and television.

After first working as an apprentice editor on a big-budget movie, Gabriel chose to plot a course around the usual Hollywood ladder. He moved to San Francisco and dove straight into editing independent film, documentary, and video art, as well as writing and directing award-winning micro-budget art films: two features which both premiered at SXSW.

Eventually moving back to Los Angeles, he plunged into the storytelling boot-camp of reality television editing, including the genre-defining early seasons of America’s Next Top Model. He balanced that with work in independent features such as director Kelly Reichardt’s lauded films Old Joy and Wendy and Lucy, starring Michelle Williams.

Gabriel hopscotched from indie film, to reality, to scripted television, and finally found his way back to the world of big-budget Hollywood features, editing for director Peter Berg on the films Lone Survivor, Deepwater Horizon, and Patriots Day. He followed those with the independent film Blindspotting, which was acquired by Lionsgate after screening opening night at the Sundance Film Festival. Since then Gabriel has worked with Director Ric Roman Waugh, first on the franchise action film Angel Has Fallen, then the end-of-the-world movie Greenland, fittingly finished during the pandemic. Most recently Gabriel has been editing Trees of Peace, an independent feature about women struggling to survive the Rwandan genocide, from first-time director Alanna Brown.

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