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jesse goldsmith

Jesse Goldsmith was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When he was young, he found inspiration in all kinds of films, ranging from Pixar to Trainspotting and everything in between. He would go on to study filmmaking at Temple University in Philadelphia. After college, Jesse got his start working as a Production Assistant in film and television in both Philadelphia and New York City. He soon moved to Los Angeles and began working as an assistant editor in the reality TV space.


Before long, he would serve as a Postproduction Assistant on “Star Wars Episode VII” and as an Assistant VFX Editor on “Star Trek: Beyond”. After several jobs with Warner Animation, Jesse was hired as the First Assistant Editor on Robert Zemeckis’ film “Welcome to Marwen”. Jesse is now cutting as the lead editor of the upcoming Zemeckis, Disney Film “Pinocchio”. Jesse’s remarkable rise into the Feature Space, and repeated collaborations with Zemeckis, speaks to Jesse’s skills in cutting thoughtfully and evocatively across a wide variety of mediums, budgets, and genres.

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