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lilly kilvert

Production Designer Lilly Kilvert, who has worked on over 25 feature films, is a two-time Academy Award nominee based in Los Angeles. Lilly was nominated for her work on Legends of the Fall and The Last Samurai for director Edward Zwick. Other credits include Valkyrie, starring Tom Cruise and directed by Bryan Singer, The Crucible starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Kathryn Bigelow's Strange Days and William Friedkin's To Live and Die in LA with Willem Dafoe. She also designed the pilot for Michael Mann's HBO hit series Luck, starring Dustin Hoffman.

Essentially, Lilly’s work speaks for itself. The color, texture and detail of her environments offer magnificent canvases for the compositions and movements of the cinematographer and director. Besides beauty, Lilly understands scheduling and finance, which means producers, appreciate her ability to come in on time and within budget.

Most recently, Lilly worked on two seasons of the Netflix drama Marco Polo.

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